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Studio Set Up Examples

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Interested in a Studio Session? Studio sessions are great for newborn photos (see separate post here) or for child milestone photos!

Here are some examples of the backgrounds and set ups I have for studio sessions.

(Do you have a theme in mind not shown here, or want a different color background, let me know at booking and we will work together to bring your vision to life!)

Plain white background.

Great for classic photos. My studio lighting is set up to give a more natural light look, so we never get an overly flashy look. I love simple backgrounds to highlight the subject!

Plain Black Background:

For a fine art look, I like a black background

Grey Background:

Textured Backgrounds:

Colorful Backgrounds:

Backgrounds with themes: floral, holiday, birthday etc.

Have a specific theme in mind not shown here? Let me know at booking and we will work to bring your image to life together!

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