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Effortless Update Frames and Galleries

Elegantly display your photos with an art quality gallery AND update it effortlessly with my patent pending easy update frame!


The patent pending hinged magnetic display system allows you to beautifully display your photos and update them effortlessly.

Watch the video to see how it works!

A pandemic project is now a reality!


I came about this idea when I realized we had two kids and we had not updated any of the photos on our wall since our wedding....10 years prior!  And kids grow so darn fast, I felt by the time I got around to updating my gallery wall, they would have changed so much I would just need to update it again. 


 I thought, if I am struggling to do this, and I run a photography business, how are my clients going to have time to update their photos? 

So that's when I created the Easy Update Frame .  With my custom art-quality prints that slip in and out of the frame and magnetic system to perfectly align the prints and mat, you can update your gallery quickly without compromising quality.

Effortless Updates

  • Simply open the hinge, swap the new photo in for the old photo in the custom mat and place it back in the frame!

    • Custom prints and mat system auto aligns your photos

    • No need to remove the frame from the wall​ to update photos

    • No need to measure or adjust the mat, the magnetic system holds photos perfectly in place

  • Update photos in less than 30 seconds

  • Easily update your gallery with each new yearly photos, or even change the display based on holidays or seasons!


Easy to Install

These frame hang on the wall just like any other photo frame!


Or opt for me to custom design and install a gallery wall for you for an additional consultation fee.

Beautiful Art Quality

My print lab partner provides art-quality prints, color correct guaranteed and printed on high-quality professional photo paper meant to last the test of time.  These frames and prints will provide you with an elegant, professional gallery of your cherished memories that will last through the years.




Forest Trees

Simple Ordering

If you have had a session with me, all you need to provide is the photo file numbers you want.  If you would like personal photos used, simply email me and we will coordinate file transfer. 

Frame Options include:

8x10 Frame with one 5x7 or two 4x6s

12x12 Frame with one photo 8x8 or four 3.75x3.75

11x17 Frame with one 8x10 photo or custom designs

Frame_Black_and_White_Photo_Matte (1).jp

In other modular systems the photos cannot be removed from the mounting system. If you want to update your gallery you have to re-order the whole set and throw out the old ones. Not only is this needlessly expensive, it is wasteful. With this patent pending design the framing system is separate from the photos so the only thing that needs updating is the print - creating far less waste than other brands. Better yet, you can keep old prints stacked behind new ones, to use whenever you want to update your gallery again.

I am also working to partner with my print lab to see what print recycling opportunities I can provide.

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