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About Me

Hi, I am Maria, the photographer behind Elumen Photography.  I am a Seattle based photographer and I specialize in family and newborn photography. 

I provide outdoor, in-home lifestyle or studio photography (at my NE Seattle based Studio).


Photography has always been a passion of mine. It immortalizes the special occasions in our lives and can also capture everyday moments that will be cherished for years to come.  The bundled up sleepy newborn,  the grin of a 6-year-old before she loses her front teeth, the enthusiastic college senior about to embark on the next step in their lives.

When you book a session with me, I promise to provide you not only with beautiful photos, but a wonderful experience.  Getting family photos (especially when little ones are involved), can often be a stressful experience.  One of my goals is to make this as easy for you as possible! With a client style guide,  wardrobe consultation, individualized session prep and high-quality custom photo products I want to make your photo session easy and fun from the time you first contact me all the way through getting your photos in your hand.  

With a booked session you receive access to my client preparation materials and I will walk you through all of the steps to feel prepared for your session. If you have little ones, I provide tips on how to get them ready (and even excited) to take photos! My sessions are fun for the whole family, so we will capture your authentic joy - no fake smiles here!  

Finally, following your session you will receive a few sneak peaks within days of your session and a fully edited gallery within a few weeks. After you receive your gallery you will have access to high quality professional prints as well as exclusive photo products.

Please use the contact form below to connect with me.

The Story Behind Elumen Photography

The name Elumen is a play on words. (el)(lumen)


(el): Those who know me, know that pregnancy and infant loss awareness is passion of mine.  My husband and I have lost two babies, Luca in the second trimester and Elisa, stillborn at 7.5 months.  El is honor of my two girls; they taught me to treasure each moment and to love with all my heart. When Elisa was stillborn, the wonderful people from Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep took beautiful pictures of her that my husband and I will treasure forever. This showed me the importance of a single photo and inspired me to take my photography to the next level in order to give others the gift I had been given.


(lumen): a measure of the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source. I have a passion for science and an undergrad degree in Chemistry. Light is essential to photography, from the equipment, to the natural light providing the perfect setting.

This is what photography is to me, the joining of passion and science, art and technicality. Both sides of the brain working together to create the perfect image

Contact Me

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