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Sitter Sessions!

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

A Sitter Session is a common milestone session. It takes place once baby can sit up, around 6-9 months.

Every baby is different and masters new skills at different times. So, when we work to schedule these, I will put a tentative date on my Studio Calendar when your baby will be about 7 months and then we stay in contact and adjust as necessary based on what your baby does when.

These sessions capture a unique time in your child's life. They are out of the newborn stage and are coming in to their own litter personalities. But they aren't on the move quite yet, so we're not trying to wrangle them as much as we have to at 1 year sessions (seriously, I end up getting a work out at cake smashes and 1 year + photos chasing those little ones....but I love it :) )

So, here are some examples of some sitter sessions:

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