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Open Air Studio!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

I've been working on a side project for a while now, and I am SO excited to announce.....

I now have an open air studio option!!

Ok you ask, "what is that?!?"

It's a covered outdoor space with full airflow, set up to look like a studio. Studio like pictures, but with the safety of outdoor airflow (safety of outdoor airflow ...add that to the list of things I now say in 2020 that seem completely normal but a year ago would have been really "don't forget your mask", "there's someone coming we have to cross the street", "air hug!"....oh 2020...

OK, but really, "what is it?!"

What you see... A fully outdoor space, open on two sides to allow for airflow.

The result....Beautiful Studio photos!

I love studio photography, and there are just some things that look better indoors rather than outdoors, like cake smashes for one! Let's face it, the wet, cold, rainy Seattle winters just make outdoor sessions more difficult too.

So it was time to adapt!

What's the Set Up/ How does this all work?

This open air studio is set up in the carport of my home in NE Seattle. It is completely open on two sides to allow for airflow.

There is more than 6 feet distance between where I stand to take the photos and where you sit/stand to have your photos taken and I stay masked the whole time.

I've also installed outdoor heaters to take the chill off (It still gets a bit cold, so please no newborn sessions, and dress yourself and your little ones accordingly). I also wear a mask during the whole session with me.

What kind of photos can I get with an Open Air Studio Session?

These sessions are best for individual shots, or smaller groups of about 4 people. These will be great for headshots, sitter sessions, one year sessions, cake smashes and smaller family sessions.

What is the session experience?

Just like my outdoor sessions, the Open Air Studio Sessions are a mixed of candid and posed photos. These aren't your typical 80's photo studio pictures (anyone picturing the headshot scene from Napoleon Dynamite? Yeah NOT like that.) My lighting set up is engineered to look like natural light, so even though you're in a pop up studio outside, it will look like you're sitting in your Livingroom with beautiful, flattering window like light.

What types of backgrounds/set ups do you have?

The main studio pop up set up is a white background. Headshots with black background are also available. I have a couch for group shots and a few antique chairs for little ones to sit in or hold on to while they stand.

When are these offered?

Currently I will be offering these one day a month. Dates will be announced later this week

Can I do a cake smash?

Yes! This was one of my drivers for creating this space. A cake smash should be booked at the Open Air Studio Classic Session (Rather than a mini) because of the time it takes to get kiddo wrangled in a session like this.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions about booking options or the Open Air Studio experience.

Here are some more pictures of the set up and some examples of the photos we can get!

Completely open on two sides to allow for airflow. I stay 6+ feet away and masked the entire time! I ask that anyone not getting their photo taken at the moment (parents during sitter sessions etc) also wear a mask.

Different furniture and props, white and black background and outdoor heaters!!

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