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Not So Newborn Lifestyle Session

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Following up from my previous post about the differences between a lifestyle and a studio newborn session, one of the upsides to a Lifestyle newborn session is it doesn't have to be scheduled right away

Studio newborn sessions are best scheduled 10 days- 2 weeks after your due date (and then we adjust as needed once baby arrives). That's due to the sleepy, posed nature of wrapped newborn photos.

Lifestyle session on the other hand can happen anytime after baby is born, from a few weeks to months.

This client did a newborn studio session when baby was just one week old, and then scheduled a second lifestyle session for when baby was about 5 months old. This is a great idea if you're just feeling too exhausted in the early newborn days to have a session, but it also works well to help older siblings and pets have time to get to know baby before having a session.

I also love lifestyle sessions when baby is a bit older because you get some cute alert nursery pictures!

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