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More Zero Waste Things I Use Everyday

My post yesterday on My (mostly) Zero Waste Curly Hair Routine was a hit! So, I thought I'd also share some of the other zero waste and environmentally friendly products we use in our house!

Cleaning Supplies:

Blue Land - All purpose cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Glass Cleaner and Soap. They send pellets and you just put them in a spray bottle and add water! (I am not a fan of their hand soap, it has too strong a scent)

Hand Soap:

Dr Bronners this is not fully zero waste, but I buy in bulk to reduce containers. Also Dr. Bronners is not palm oil free, so it's not the best option. I am continuing to research soaps to find something better, but this is what I do for now. I also bought these foaming hand soap pumps and added them to mason jars I already had. Foaming soap you only need about 1/3 soap and the rest is water so this large bottle lasts me a long time!


Dropps, they come shipped in cardboard and no plastic containers. I use a mason jar, and these child proof lids to store them and keep them away from my kiddos

Blue Land also just came out with a laundry line that I want to try! I'll post back here again once I try it out!

Dishwashing Detergent:

Dropps (same as above)

Blue Land Also just came out with a dishwashing line that I want to try! I'll post back here again once I try it out!

Face Wash:

Charcoal Soap Bar I got mine from PCC, but a lot of places have them. It's great because I cut it in half and keep one in the medicine cabinet by the sink and one in the shower so I can wash my face either place


Kaiser Wise refillable foundation (I bought locally at House of Vartan, a small business near Northgate - he also does online orders). I also purchased refillable lipstick, mascara and eye shadow from House of Vartan

Recycling Programs:

Despite our changes to be more zero waste, we still have a ways to go to eliminate our trash footprint. To help make sure more of our trash doesn't end up in the landfill, we signed up for: Ridwell

Ridwell is a recycling program that takes a lot of stuff city recycling won't like plastic bags, batteries and lightbulbs and they either take them to special recycling centers or partner with other industries to make sure the items are re used so they don't end up in the landfill!. They also have rotating categories like old cell phones, baby food bottle caps, old Christmas lights, Styrofoam etc. It's a great way to prevent things from ending up in the landfill, and it's also another local small business! The company also has an adorable origin story of how it all started with a little boy's concern for the earth and desire to help his neighbors out.

What other Zero Waste or sustainable products have you tried?

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