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Geordi La Doodle - Puppies and Star Trek. Seattle Family Photographer

Wow was this session fun. Such a cute little family, proud Trekkies with a great dedication.

Meet Geordi La Doodle, if you don't get the reference, read up here.

StarTreck Dog
Geordi La Doodle

You can follow her missions on instagram at @geordi_la_doodle

This was like two sessions in one. An adorable, classic family session...

....and then a totally out of the ordinary themed session.

Puppy's mom, Meg, did a great job choosing outfits, and her creativity with the Star Trek theme, even a tiny Trekkie shirt for Geordi, and all of the Star Trek props were hilarious!

As a photographer I especially loved this session because it was at the gorgeous "golden hour" when the sun is just at the perfect low level to flood the photos with beautiful warm tones. If you can swing it, scheduling a session during this time of day - just after sunrise, or right before sunset (contact me for details since the exact timing changes based on the time of year!) it is totally worth it!

Location: Urban Horticulture Center, near the University of Washington, Seattle Washington

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